mTrade Park is home to some of the finest soccer fields in Mississippi. There are five international size soccer fields that allows our STMA certified staff to layout a multitude of field configurations to accommodate the OPC soccer league and tournament events.  Our Tifway 419 Bermuda grass is expertly manicured throughout the year and during winter months is over-seeded with Rye grass to protect the dormant Bermuda. Specific information for soccer activities can be found below.

For tournament hotel information view the Hotel Booking Information page


Independent Travel Soccer Club

Below you will find the link to register your Independent Travel Soccer Club for practice field space.  This is for Independent Soccer Clubs only and not for any affiliated Oxford Park Commission recreational soccer team.



F.A.Q.’s for 2020 OPC Soccer Season at mTrade Park

  • Do I have to wear my mask?
      • YES!  As of August 5, 2020 mask are required by Parents, Coaches, Spectators when attending an OPC Soccer game. Children 6 and under are not required to wear a mask.  Also, players are on the sideline not actively participating must wear a mask.  Players actively participating in the game are not required to wear a mask.

  • Will there be benches for players?
    • No, benches will not be available.  OPC has set guidelines on how teams and parents/spectators are to sit for each OPC Soccer game.  Please check their guidelines.

  • I’m a player in the sideline, do I have to wear a mask?  I’m a Coach or I’m an active player in the field, do I have to wear a mask?  
    • Coaches and players on the sidelines are required to wear mask.  Active players in the field do not have to wear a mask, but must put one on when returning to the sideline.

  • Will the concession stands be open?
    • Yes!  Concession stands will be open serving cold Pepsi products, Gatorades and water.  Also, many other snacks will be available as well!