mTrade Park’s Return to Play Guidelines

Below you will find mTrade Park’s informational sheet on what teams and parents/fans can expect when attending mTrade Park for a tournament event.  mTrade Park is excited to welcome everyone back to the park and is putting in every effort to make each event run smoothly and safely as possible.  However, it will be a team effort…meaning we need the Teams, Coaches and Parents/Fans to help us achieve this goal.  By working together, mTrade Park and those mentioned can provide the same first-class experience you’ve grown accustomed to when attending any event at mTrade Park in Oxford, MS.  mTrade Park understands some aspects won’t return to normal and there will be a “new normal” in other areas as we all continue to endure the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let’s join together and get back to playing ball!  And as always #playmtradepark!


F.A.Q.’s for Tournaments at mTrade Park

  • The guidelines say to warm-up on Soccer Fields only, but what if my team is the first game of each day?
    • First game of the day team(s) can warm-up on game field(s).  Please warm-up on your foul line.  All other games for the day need to warm-up on Soccer fields.

  • Can I bring my tent?
    • Yes, you can set up a tent within the Quad.  Please be mindful of others and social distance as families.

  • Do I have to wear a mask?
    • YES!  As of August 5, 2020 mask are required by Parents, Fans, Spectators when attending a game or tournament. Children 6 and under are not required to wear a mask.  Also, if you visit any business or restaurant in Oxford you will be required to wear one.  At restaurants, you are required to wear one to be seated and can then take if off.

  • I’m a player in the dugout or sideline, do I have to wear a mask?  I’m a Coach or I’m an active player in the field, do I have to wear a mask?  
    • Coaches and players in the dugouts or sidelines are required to wear mask.  Active players in the field do not have to wear a mask, but must put one on when returning to the dugout or sideline.

  • Will the concession stands be open?
    • Yes!  Concession stands will be open serving cold Pepsi products, Gatorades and water.  Also, many other snacks will be available as well.

  • Where can I sit?
    • Fans may sit along the fence on each foul line, under the shade structures and behind the backstop.  Fans are also allowed to sit along the outfield fence where accessible.  Fans seating anywhere at mTrade Park listed in previous two sentences will be required to wear a mask.  Fans will not be allowed to sit on the bleachers that are a part of our auxiliary dugout.  These are reserved for the players and coaches to be able to properly social distance in the main dugout.